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CAI Networks releases new version of WebMux

All Red Hill Networks, Inc.'s customers eligible to get free firmware update

(Santa Ana, CA, Sepetember 21, 2001) CAI Networks, Inc., a leading provider of IP load balancers announced today that it has released a newer version of its WebMux, version 3.9. This version of WebMux has many desirable new features based on customers feedback.

Since WebMux was introduced three years ago, it has been widely accepted by many companies for their Internet traffic management, server management and security devices. Many financial institutions, hosting services, goverment agencies, security advisor companies, as well as military agencies settled on WebMux for its high performance, high reliability, sturdy construction, and reasonable price.

The Department of Commerce receives a lot of Internet traffic and been attacked constantly by hackers all over the world. Since the Department installed WebMux, WebMux not only provides the load balance for their high volume Internet traffic, but also the security and reliability the department needs for servicing businesses and individuals nation-wide. A Department spokesman has told the WebMux distributor that WebMux has successfully stopped many DoS attacks.

The US Navy has been using WebMux to handle all Navy ships, planes and vehicles' time services from all over the world for two years. US Navy officers are very impressed by WebMux's reliability, ease of use, and high performance. They also praise WebMux saving Tax Payers' money with its reasonable price.

With the new version of firmware, WebMux has more features than ever. It makes a system administrator's life much easier. No more rushing to office for change servers any more. It monitors the servers, the router, or even a device a few hops above the router. It reports any problem through telephone pager or email. It automaticaaly switches good stand-by servers into service without human intervention. CAI Networks also plans a roadmap for future WebMux firmware/hardware releases. CAI Networks plans to release the next generation WebMux based on a 1U design by the end of 2001. It will provide even higher performace, take less rack space, and its universal power supply and universal built-in paging device will work anywhere in the world.

About CAI Networks, Inc

Founded in 1987, CAI Networks has its engineering and sales office in Santa Ana, California. It also has sales offices in Europe and Asia. CAI Networks has two factories in Asia, one in Taiwan and one in China. CAI Networks specializes in Internet appliances, and Internet server reliability solutions.

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