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Avanu Acquires WebMux and DnsMux product lines 8/22/2012
WebMux V9.0 provides Complete IPV6 Solutions 2/28/2012
WebMux provides SSL Termination Support for Google Chrome Browser12/30/2011
WebMux provides End to End SSL Encryption 1/31/2011
Provides smooth network operation for 2010 Asia Games 06/28/2010
WebMux™ provides Client Side SSL Authentication 03/31/2010
WebMux™ stops MITM (man-in-the-middle) SSL/TLS attack 11/9/2009
WebMux™ SNAT on NAT farm support. 8/2/2009
WebMux™ 690PG Model is released. 8/1/2009
WebMux™ Supports Multiple ISP Links and Multiple Tag Based VLANs 9/15/2008
WebMux™ Enhancemenet in HTTP Compression, DDoS protection and L7 Features - 3/24/2008
WebMux™ Load Balancer Certified for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 - 10/16/2007
CAI Networks's WebMux Load Balancer Adds DDoS Attack Protection - 08/08/2007
WebMux Validated by Oracle as Compatible with Oracle 10g - 06/29/2007
WebMux new firmware supports IEEE 802.3ad - 06/5/2007
IPV6 supports for WebMux traffic management appliances - 02/5/2007
MAP™ for advanced traffic management - 11/8/2006
CAI Networks Releases Major WebMux Upgrade Offering Transparent Presence and Performance Enhancement for Load Balancing, Traffic Management, and SSL Acceleration - 07/06/2006
WebMux meets FIPS 140-2 standard - 06/09/2006
New Firmware helps server farm trouble free - 12/9/2005
WebMux doubles SSL termination performance - 5/11/2005
Microsoft LCS 2005 Deployment - 11/16/2004
Microsoft Validates WebMux Load Balancer - 11/10/2004
WebMux Pro - More than a Load Balancer - 5/11/2004
WebMux Pro -Load Balancer for Gigabit Ethernet - 9/15/2003
WebMux Solves Industry-wide Problem - 8/11/2003
New Firware for 1U WebMux released - 2/28/2003
1U WebMux released - 5/1/2002
CAI Networks has released newer version firmware - 9/21/2001
Red Hill Networks, Inc joins Cable & Wireless’ Enhanced Solutions Provider Program - 4/24/2000
Red Hill Networks Added New Features to WebMux Load Balancer with Release 3.1- 2/25/2000
Red Hill Networks Provides Denial of Service attack Protection - 2/11/2000
Price breakthrough Web Load balancer from Red Hill Networks - 2/2/2000
Slash Dot Effect Obsolete - 1/25/2000

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