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CAI Networks releases 1U form factor WebMux Load Balancer

Better performance and smaller footprint made possible by constant R&D

(Santa Ana, CA, May 1, 2002) CAI Networks, Inc., a leading provider of IP load balancers announced today that it has released a newer 1U form factor WebMux, with firmware version 4.0. This release of WebMux has met and exceeded customers need for reducing the physical size and universal power requirement.

Since WebMux was introduced more than three years ago, it has been widely accepted by many ISPs, hosting centers, and companies for their Internet traffic management, server management and security needs. Many financial institutions, hosting services, goverment agencies, security advisor companies, as well as military agencies settled on WebMux for its high performance, high reliability, sturdy construction, best support, and reasonable price.

The release of 1U WebMux will bring savings to companies. Since many hosting centers charge for hosting space based on how many "U" a computer or appliance occupied. The 1U height (1.75") will save half the cost to the customers on their hosting expenses. For the hosting services providers, the 1U height Internet traffic manament device will yield more space for their customers' equipement go into their shelf, thus increased their savings.

The universal power supply will make WebMux easily adopted by EU countries, as well as Austrlia, New Zealand, and Asian countries. With the 1U WebMux release, CAI Networks will add shipping centers in Austrlia, and the EU.

Newer version 1U WebMux take the initial network setting through the front keypad and LCD display. That will help companies to check settings on the device and pre-configure them without any other equipment. Keypad/LCD has built-in green backlit to make it glow in the dark hosting centers or server rooms.

1U WebMux is ready for immediately delivery in the United States. It will be ready for shipment in EU and Austrlia in later May or early June.

About CAI Networks, Inc

Founded in 1987, CAI Networks has its engineering and sales office in Santa Ana, California. It also has sales offices in Europe and Asia. CAI Networks has two factories in Asia, one in Taiwan and one in China. CAI Networks specializes in Internet appliances, and Internet server reliability solutions.

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