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CAI Networks Solves Industry-wide Load Balancer Problem

New WebMux BAM™ Feature Eliminates Possibility of Overloading During "Bursts" of UDP DNS Client Requests

(Santa Ana, CA, Aug. 11, 2003) CAI Networks, a leading provider of Internet load balancers, today announced the addition of a new Burst Activity Management BAM™ feature to their family of WebMux Load Balancers. This new feature, solving an age-old load balancer problem, has been incorporated into the firmware of CAI's renowned low cost, high performance, high reliability WebMux load balancing product line.

"The WebMux burst management feature solves a problem seen with every brand load balancer I've tested," said Dan Peterson of The Edge Technology Services, a network consulting company. "So far, WebMux is the only load balancer I have been able to find that solves this difficult problem right out of the box."

The system failure that the WebMux BAM feature solves occurs in intensive Internet applications where the client or application servers repetitively send a large number of domain name services (DNS) requests to the same DNS server. For example, a server farm may have a customer that, at the end of each day, sends thousands of repetitive UDP messages to the DNS server to verify addresses. Due to the nature of the request, these messages are seen by the server as one large message and therefore not load balanced amongst all the available servers. This results in slow site response and a reduction in the site's reliability. CAI Networks has solved this problem by properly distributing the DNS requests. The WebMux BAM treats the requests on packet-by-packet basis allowing them to be spread amongst the servers, eliminating overloading the single server.

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Founded in 1987, CAI Networks is a leading provider of IP load balancers. CAI Networks has an engineering and sales office in Santa Ana, California and sales offices in Europe and Asia. Additionally, CAI has two factories in Asia, one in Taiwan and one in China. CAI Networks specializes in Internet appliances and Internet server reliability solutions.


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