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CAI Networks provides free firmware udpates to all WebMuxes under three year warranty.

New WebMux firmware helps server farm running problem free

Santa Ana, CA, Dec 9, 2005 CAI Networks™ has announced new firmware version that helps identify server or network problems. Recently released firmware version 6.5 allowing user to log changes and performance data into a separate log server.

When more than one system administrators managing network together, sometimes one person made change the other person did not know. Or when there is a problem one person fixed it without notify others. Sometimes large surge of network traffic came but not being noticed.

WebMux firmware version 6.5 not only send email and pager notification for the server and farm status, but also log performance data, farm and server changes to the remote syslog server (can be Windows 2003 server or Unix server). Users from the syslog server can generate chart for the performance information over the time, make paper records for changes made to farm or servers. By logging all the performance data, server/farm status, it also helps identify the network busy hours and server limitation. This will help the server farm running trouble free.

"My first choice in load balancing is always WebMux." said Don Randle, senior network engineer at ANPI - a VOIP and Internet services provider in Illinois. First using WebMux 5 years ago, Don has been using different version of WebMuxes. He witnessed non-stop improvmenets and enhancement of WebMux each and every year.

Prices start at $3,995 and include a three-year warranty and three years of technical support, continuing WebMux's tradition of offering the industry's lowest total cost of ownership.

Existing WebMux customers can get firmware update free of charge if their WebMux is under three year warranty.

Pricing and Availability
WebMux models 480, 560SG, and 680PG are available from CAI Networks ( and its resellers. U.S. list prices for the three models are $3,999, $5,999, and $12,900 respectively.

About CAI Networks, Inc.

Founded in 1987, CAI Networks specializes in Internet appliances and Internet server reliability solutions and is a leading provider of IP load balancers. CAI has its engineering and sales offices in Southern California. WebMuxes are installed worldwide by businesses, government agencies, and ISPs to maintain the reliability and availability of web sites, portals, and web-based applications.


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For more information, please contact:

CAI Networks, Inc.
David Merit
714-550-0901 X 7156

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