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WebMux load balancer introduces Multiple Address/Port (MAP™) capabilities for intelligent failover of rich media applications and increased flexibility

Unique load balancing capabilities help manage complex networks

Santa Ana, CA, Nov. 8, 2006 CAI Networks™ announces the release of the first deliverables under its MAP™ initiative for its WebMux family of load balancer and traffic management network appliances. Under this Multiple Address/Port (MAP™) initiative, WebMux will offer increasingly advanced functionality for managing IP addresses and ports, leading to greater flexibility, substantial cost savings, and an enhanced user experience.

WebMux version 8.1 allows a single WebMux to handle multiple external IP addresses, thereby eliminating the need to purchase multiple WebMux units to manage multiple server farms. Furthermore, individual servers can be shared across multiple IP addresses, eliminating the need to replicate servers for this purpose.

WebMux version 8.1 also allows multiple ports to be logically bound for failover purposes, thereby providing automatic redirection of all related ports in a failover event. This feature is especially useful for rich media and other host applications that require the use of multiple ports, since otherwise following a failover the user would, for example, experience video but no audio.

According to Bill Brooks, Director, Information Systems of PointeCast Corporation, which hosts its own collaborative educational applications and has implemented WebMux's MAP™ functionality, "The new Multi-Port feature of the WebMux load balancer is exactly what I needed! This new feature allows me to more effectively use my servers for our hosted customers, thus reducing my costs by reducing the number of servers that I need to purchase." Brooks added, "There is also a reduction in the amount of time needed for administering the server farms, time that I can now spend on other tasks."

These two MAP™ features are new to the industry, and included as standard functionality across all WebMux models.

WebMux version 8.1 also incorporates enhanced flexibility in content-oriented traffic management by allowing redirection based on cookie content, a capability until now offered only by load balancers costing many times more.

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