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Red Hill Networks Provides Denial of Service attack Protection

TUSTIN, CA - February 11, 2000 - Recent DoS attacks to high profile Internet sites heighten the needs for products to protect web sites from such attacks. Red Hill Networks has two complementary products to facilitate the planning and implementing solutions to minimize the impact.

The WebSpray web server stress test program assists Webmasters to gauge how much load their sites can handle. This information is important for fine-tuning websites and for planning reaction procedures. At an introductory price of $99, WebSpray is an invaluable tool for all Webmasters.

The WebMux load balancer family of products not only balances the incoming load but also increases availability. WebMux also filters out common DoS attacks such as TCP SYN and Ping of Death. It also provides NAT. With WebMux protection, the web servers will not be over loaded and crash. Starting from a low $3,999 MSRP, the WebMux provides an affordable solution to a pressing problem.


Red Hill Networks is a Tustin; California based e-commerce Infrastructure Company that specializes in Web server reliability solutions. In addition to WebMux and WebSpray, Red Hill is the company behind firewall box FireSafe and the upgradeable network router IntelliRoute 7000.


Sy Lu, Red Hill Networks


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