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Santa Ana, CA, August 1, 2009 - CAI Networks has announced a new model for its WebMuxTM server load balancing appliance which include a 20 copper gigbit Ethernet port and four optical ports switch.

WebMux′s family of load balancers has a new member, model 690PG. It is available for shipping in US and world wide. Incorporated a 20 copper gigabit ports and 4 optical gigabit ports, 690PG has throughput of 4GB/s and built-in SSL termination accelerators for 10000 SSL termination per second. WebMux provides high avaliability and high performance for many network setups and businesses worldwide.

WebMux 690PG exclusively works in multiple VLAN mode, permits a single WebMux to provide high availability and peak performance for servers on different VLANs by extending the reach of its load balancing and failover capabilities. WebMux′s multiple VLAN support provides isolation between VLANs and simultaneous load balancing between different VLAN groups. For large organizations with multiple departments, hosting companies, or external customers, 690PG model provides more processing power.

Since 1997, WebMux load balancers have been reliable and critical components of many IT setup inside many fortune 500 companies, government offices, online shopping sites, and telecommunication companies.

WebMux′s new 690PG model is available through our distributor and authorized reseller channels immediately.

About CAI Networks, Inc.

Founded in 1987, CAI Networks ( specializes in Internet appliances and Internet server reliability solutions and is a leading provider of IP load balancers. CAI has its engineering and sales offices in Southern California. WebMux is installed worldwide by businesses, government agencies, and ISPs to maintain the reliability and availability of websites, portals, and web-based applications. CAI Networks is a member of the Microsoft and Oracle partner networks.


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