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At CAI Networks, we try to make evaluating and purchasing our products as easy as implementing and using them. Find out how we do this below.

+ End User Purchasing a CAI Networks product

You can buy CAI Networks products from one of authorized resellers. Click here to see a list of our resellers.

+ Reseller Purchasing from Our Distributors

CAI Networks appoints distributors to work with our resellers. If you are a network consulting company, networking product reseller, or distributor with a focus on quality and service, we encourage you to consider representing us.

Click here to contact us regarding representation, or click here to visit our Distributors page.

+ Alliance partners

CAI Networks maintains relationships with various companies for the exchange of solutions and technology, to ensure that our products work well together, and as needed to develop the best offering for our customers. Click here to find out who our alliance partners are and the nature of those relationships.

+ Product trials

Product evaluation and demonstration are provided through partner distributors and resellers. Due to paper work and credit application issue, we do not offer product evaluation directly.

+ Money-back guarantee

Partnered with our authorized distributor and resellers, CAI Networks offers a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee on its products, if we can not make it work in your environment we will allow you return for a full refund.

Click here for details about our Money-Back Guarantee.



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