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  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Don't let a low price fool you: the true cost of a product is more than its purchase price.

++ Price != cost

Don't get us wrong: we believe in low prices. In fact, CAI Networks' products are among the lowest-priced on the market. But considering the true cost of a product is more than just its price -- several cost and value factors also need to be considered in such a purchase:

  • Cost of implementation (installation, setup, and configuration)
  • Actual performance
  • Growth needs
  • Technical support fees
  • Cost to maintain in years to come
  • Cost to upgrade to future model
  • ++ Our value proposition

    CAI Networks addresses these cost concerns in the following ways:

    • Our products are quick and easy to setup. We offer factory pre-configuration to your specifications at no extra cost to further ease setup.
    • No teaser unit. Every model you buy from us will be a solid performer for your business needs for years to come. Check out our performance spec and compare.
    • We include one year of technical support with every product purchased. Compared with most vendors, who charge separately for support from the day you receive the product.
    • We include one-year warranty with every product.
    • With our trade-up program, you can upgrade to the latest or a more powerful model of the product you purchased at a substantially reduced price.
    • You will spend less on our products than any competitors' comparable products.
    • You will satisfy with our products or your money back (with participating resellers only).


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