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  Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Solutions with CAI Networks′ WebMux

Office Communication over PSTN, Voice over IP, Audio/Video Conferencing

Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 and Live Communication Server 2005 use Enterprise server pool consisting of more than one servers and requires a hardware load balancer. In Enterprise server setup, it has HTML, SIP, LDAP protocol, as well as voice and data communication. It enables business large and small to integrate phone, voice conference, video conference, as well as sharing desktop over wide area network and Internet.

The WebMux™ family load balancer provides high performance load balancing solution to fit the need for Microsoft customers. It has been certified by Microsoft for LCS 2005 and OCS 2007 and OCS 2007 R2 installation. WebMux offers one of the industry's lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and longest warranty and included support. WebMux′s reliability, performance, easy to use, and scalability lets you easily create and manage many virtual server pools, or farm, for a wide range of applications, including Internet HTTP, FTP, SMTP, DNS and any TCP/IP UDP application. WebMux solution is tested and validated by Microsoft for Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 & Office Live Communications Server 2005, and certified by Oracle for Oracle® Application Server .

WebMux Load Balancers are full featured load balancing appliances that manage IP traffic to multiple servers on 10/100/1000 Ethernet LANs and multiple tagged VLANs. It supports spanning tree protocol for high availability setup. It is a solid-state only design with no spinning disks to ensure long service life. It has been installed in many high traffic sites for handle over 1GB/s data load balancing. WebMux pricing includes a three (3) year factory product warranty (parts & labor), three (3) year firmware updates, and three (3) years standard technical support to ensure lowest TCO.


  • Up to 4 GB per sec throughput
  • Up to 200,000 transactions per second
  • NAT (in-path) and Direct (Out-of-Path), Transparent mode Configuration
  • Up to 5,760,000 concurrent connections (NAT Mode; higher performance in Out-of-Path mode)
  • Ultra-fast hardware platform
  • Solid-state only design(no hard drive)
  • Support Protocols and Features

  • 802.1Q tagged VLAN Support, unlimited VLAN
  • 802.3ad trunking support
  • 802.1D Spanning Tree support
  • 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree support
  • Multiple ISP and uplink gateway support
  • MAP(Multiple Address and Port) on single farm support
  • L4(TCP/IP, UDP/IP) load balancing support
  • L7 URL based load balancing support
  • L7 cookie based load balancing support
  • HTTP compression support
  • Built-in L7 health checking
  • Custom expandable health checking
  • SSL acceleration built-in
  • Routing
  • Active/Standby fail-over configuration
  • Expandable

  • Hardware SSL Acceleration Card (certain model)
  •   481SD 591SGQ 690PG
      Layer 4 Performance
          Maximum concurrent connections 1,440,000* 2,880,000* 5,760,000*
          Maximum transactions per second 65,000 100,000 400,000
          Maximum throughput per second 1.1 GBits 2.0 GBits 4 GBits
          Maximum Interne link speed 4 X T3 2 X OC-12 3 X OC-12
      Layer 7 & SSL Acceleration
           Max. 1024bit RSA terminations/second (round trip) 300


          Max. Layer 7 connections 50,000 100,000 288,000
          Number of SSL certificates 32 32 32
          HTTP Compression Yes Yes Yes
          TCP Optimization Yes Yes Yes
      Load Balancing Methods
          Cookie content based Yes Yes Yes
          URL based Yes Yes Yes
          Round-robin Yes Yes Yes
          Persistent round-robin Yes Yes Yes
          Weighted round-robin Yes Yes Yes
          Persistent weighted round-robin Yes Yes Yes
          Least connections Yes Yes Yes
          Persistent least connections Yes Yes Yes
          Weighted least connections Yes Yes Yes
          Persistent weighted least connections Yes Yes Yes
      Traffic Management Methods
          URL based content switch Yes Yes Yes
          Cookie based content switch Yes Yes Yes
      Fault Tolerance
          Diskless design Yes Yes Yes
          Port aggregation Yes Yes Yes
          Failover via network connection Optional Optional Optional
          Failover via Multiple ISP links Yes Yes Yes
          Failover via Ethernet link Yes Yes Yes
          Service-aware Yes Yes Yes
          Server-aware Yes Yes Yes
          Backup server Yes Yes Yes
          Network Address Translation (NAT) Yes Yes Yes
          TCP SYN protection Yes Yes Yes
          Address mapping Yes Yes Yes
          Port mapping Yes Yes Yes
          TCP DoS protection Yes Yes Yes
          Smart DDoS protection Yes Yes Yes
          HTTPS/SSH management Yes Yes Yes
          10/100/1000 Ethernet Yes Yes Yes
          Multiple Tag based VLANs Yes Yes Yes
          Rackmount 1U form factor Yes Yes Yes
      Device support
          Interface to switches Gigabit x2 Gigabit x2 Gigabit x20
          Maximum virtual servers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
          Maximum real servers 65,532 65,532 65,532
          Device's role in the network bridge/router bridge/router bridge/router
          UDP-based service support Yes Yes Yes
          Secure web browser access Yes Yes Yes
          In service / Not in service Yes Yes Yes
          Phone / pager alarm notification Yes Yes Yes
          Email notification Yes Yes Yes
          Configuration access Yes Yes Yes
          Persistent connections Yes Yes Yes
          Port-specific services Yes Yes Yes
          Factory warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years
          Free telephone and email support 3 years 3 years 3 years
          Free factory pre-configuration Yes Yes Yes
          Overnight pre-sent exchange unit Optional Optional Optional
          24x7 Gold Premium Support Optional Optional Optional
          30-day money-back guarantee Yes Yes Yes
          Power Consumption (MAX) 120W 200W 350W
          Current at 115V 2.5A 3.5A 5A
          Heat Production 350BTU/H 550BTU/H 800BTU/H
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