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   OpenSSL for Windows

OpenSSL is a free, redistributable library that is used in many servers, switches, and WebMux load balancers. WebMux uses PEM format key and certificate for SSL termination logic. If your key and certificate is not in PEM format, you will need to convert them. We have a page talking about how to do the conversion. If you are running Windows server, you may not have access to the openssl commands. This page provides the Windows® version for running on Microsoft® Windows computers.

OpenSSL for windows is completely based on's opensource project. It is built on Windows Vista with Microsoft Visuo Studio 2008. You can download the compiled openssl for Windows command line executable by click here.

The two optional libraries files can be download by click on their names here: libeay.lib and ssleay32.lib

These tools are provided so that you can convert your SSL key and certificate to PEM format. CAI Networks′ product is subject to the United States of America′s Export Administration Regulations and other U.S. law which specify which country may not be exported. Please contact Department of Commerce for exporting our products to outside of U.S.A.

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